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Cartidge Zone


CartridgeZone is committed to making a difference by allowing additional discounts to teachers and schools.

At CartridgeZone we understand the difficulties of teaching on a budget, that’s why we offer an additional 10% off our already super prices! CartridgeZone is where teachers on a budget shop for cartridges.

Get a group of teachers or your entire school on board for even greater discounts. CartridgeZone understands the importance of education, and the cost associated with educating tomorrow leaders.

Looking to generate additional CASH for your classroom or school!

Help CartridgeZone recycle used inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges and you can raise money for your school or classroom. The process is simple.

  • Collect – Talk to your school official and students about collecting used inkjet or laser toner cartridges. Store all collected cartridges in a recycle bin, which can be provided by CartridgeZone
  • Call for Pickup – When your recycle bin is full, give your local CartridgeZone location a call to have them pickup the empty cartridges.
  • Cartridge Cash – Once the cartridges are processed, CartridgeZone will provide a check for your hardwork.